Carlsbad, NM T-Storm Time Lapse Video

Tuesday, May 2, 203.

Not everything in my life is doom and gloom. Finally today our first round of dryline thunderstorms. Which gave me a much needed break from the political nightmare we are living. Nothing is harder than watching our beloved America being destroyed from within. Worse, not being able to reach those who don’t understand or care why. In the end I still believe that we will win this war because God wins. That’s my prayer and hope.

I’m a weather nerd…it’s my hobby. Chasing storms is part of what keeps me sane in this increasingly insane world. This spring marks my 50th year storm chasing here in southeastern New Mexico. I started when I was 15 in 1973. I’ve ventured into West Texas at times over the years chasing but mostly I stay local. New Mexico’s weather fascinated me as a kid and that fascination never waned.

Looking east from C-Hill in Carlsbad, New Mexico as a multicluster thunderstorm becomes severe. It was severe warned on with radar indicating ping pong ball size hail. The storm was moving from west to east. No color enhancements were used. The setting sunlight was reflecting off of the clouds. The video was shot with my GoPro Hero11 Black camera. Disturbed - Sound of Silence Live HD is the background music.


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Wendell L. Malone